Grads in Ashkelon

When SOS Ashkelon was formed, it was with the intention of rescuing strays here in the city. Little did we know that we would be desperately needed in Sderot, the town 15 minutes from Ashkelon that has been under fire for the last 7 years. In the last 10 months alone, 1700 rockets have been fired on Sderot. Those who can have fled. Many have left because their homes were hit by katushas and have been demolished or made unsafe to live in.

Some pets have been wounded by missiles. Their owners have no money to pay for expensive vet care and so these animals go untreated and are in great pain. Some eventually succumbed to their injuries.

With no money for pensions, many have had to leave their animals behind.

The constant “booms”, hits, sirens, and “red alert” cry have done great harm to those animals abandoned by their owners and those who were strays in the first place. They are frightened, confused, hungry and totally neglected in the true sense of the word.

SOS has been asked to go to Sderot several times a week and rescue many of them, which in itself is a dangerous mission.

Now Ashkelon is under fire. If past experience is any indication of what is to come, SOS Ashkelon will be called to do double duty. Being constantly short of funds and manpower, SOS is in dire need of financial help. A karaoke night held on February 28th to raise money was a bomb (pun intended). The several grad missiles that had fallen on Ashkelon that day kept people home. You never know where or when a grad missile will fall and if you’re lucky enough to hear the alert, you have 15 seconds to crouch against a northern wall or run into your protected room if it’s within reach. The booms are deafening, followed by a cacophony of sirens. Those animals on the street are in a total state of fear and bewilderment and have no place to go for safety. One of the grads (missiles) that fell on Sunday, almost totally demolished a house on the street where our vet, who has donated his time, expertise, equipment and advice has his clinic.

We need help.
We are totally dependent on donations.

Any sum that you can spare would be welcome. We are grateful for any amount. If anyone wants to take on the job of a fund raising event held outside of the city that would be amazing. We would be excited to help in any way we can.

With Ashkelon now on the front line, peoples’ priorities have changed. They can’t be bothered with saving dogs and cats; they are preoccupied with saving themselves.

Many thanks,
SOS Pets Ashkelon

Here you can see a video of the Grad Impact (at 40 seconds) near our vet's house - notice the lonely dog outside: