About us

SOS Pets Ashkelon Non-Profit Organization (Registered society 580438521) is a new organization working in the Ashkelon area.
Although the name is similar to that of the "SOS pets Tel-Aviv" Society, there is no affiliation between the two organizations.

The Society is working for the welfare of animals with the following agenda:
1. Finding homes for homeless pets by organizing adoption events.
2. Encouraging sterilization of animals through education.
3. Rescuing animals in danger.
4. Preventing animal abuse.
5. Teaching and bringing awareness of responsibility and commitment of pet owners.

Right from the establishment of the Society we received calls from Ashkelon, Ashdod, Sderot and other cities in the southern region showing how much such a society is needed (Israeli animal welfare societies do not work outside their own local areas).
Unfortunately, due to a serious lack of resources, we could only respond to some of the calls.

The Society operates without an animal shelter ("dog pound"), placing the animals in temporary foster homes until they are adopted.

All society members are volunteers (no paid employees), and are from different professions including medicine, veterinary, education, law practice and Hi-Tech.

Donations can be made to:
Bank Leumi
Ashkelon-Afridar branch (Branch Number 10-926)
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